May 28

Gender Inequality

Gender Inequality is one of the worlds most critical social injustices. It is happening all over the world. I chose this topic as my project on social injustices in the 21st century and we can help. I have made a donation to UN Women and you can help. If we all take time just to recognize it we can help. Help Women Become Equal

October 21

Is spelling an important part of today’s world

In my opinion spelling is important in 2013. I think this because spelling is a main part of education. We are getting more and more dependent on technology, we are losing writing abilities. If your device is broken you might need to write with paper and pencil. Most people rely on spell check if they are typing something but spell check can change the word you typed to other synonyms of that word. For these reasons I believe spelling is important in 2013.

April 20

My Favourite Tool to Embed on my Blog

my favorite tool online is “Animoto.” it is a simple and fun way to make amazing slideshows. How to use Animoto? First you pick a topic of what you want your slideshow to be about. Then You make slides about your topic and add pictures to explain or show what the text you wrote means. Then you add music in the background and there you have an amazing video.

April 7

My Hobbies

I have many hobbies but my favourite ones are guitar and hockey. I have been playing the guitar for 5 years and hockey for 3. I really enjoy playing different tunes and songs on the guitar, I can play a lot of them! I play for the Meadowvale Hawks and this season me and my team won the bronze medal.

April 4

top 10 people i would like to ask a question

        Person                              Question

1. Albert Einstein- Why did you want to study relatively

2.Isaac Newton- What inspired you to do such great research

3. Sidney Crosby- How did you become so skilled at hockey

4. Alexander Ovechkin- when did you start playing hockey

5. Marc Andre Flury- Why did you chose to play goalie

6.  Wayne Gretzky- why did you want to play hockey

7. Steve Jobs- how did you come up with such a good design

8.  Mozart- How long did you practice the piano everyday

9. Michael phelps- when did you start to swim

10. Michael Jackson-  What was your life’s goal


March 7

The Guitar

The Guitar is a beautiful and rich sounding instrument. The modern word “guitar” was adopted into English from Spanish guitarra. The definition of the guitar is a musical instrument which has a flat-back, rounded body that narrows in the middle, a long fretted neck, and usually six strings that are played by strumming or plucking. The guitar is considered a European-invented instrument which first appeared during the medieval period. Then it was modified later on by Antonio Torres Jurado which improved volume, size and tone.  Then the acoustic guitar remained untouched.  How Does the Guitar work? The Guitar has a round hole with the strings over it.  When you play, the string vibrates and sends sound waves through the hole which vibrates in the body of the guitar and makes a sound for the human ear to hear. I love the guitar I have been playing it for 5 years and enjoy learning it.

By: Ankit

January 5

My trip to india

On December 24th I came to India! the KLM plane ride was amazing and I loved it. . When we got to the airport there were a lot of people but we were able to get our luggage and go. We went to my grandma’s house first. I was so happy to see her and she was happy to see me. It is tough being here because the time zone is different then Canada. India is a bit different then what I am used to but I am starting to get used to of it. There are brick houses and it’s much colder inside. So far My India trip has been amazing, today we are planning to go shopping and visit my nanna. I’m looking forward to It.